This personal project is an instructional video informing its views how to make a homemade face mask.

Thrifting- The Good, The Bad and the Gently Used is a documentary style short movie, with aims to educate and promote thrifting culture. This project took immense collaboration and dedication to not only the project but each other.


This collaborative project is a stop motion animation, made with only paint, paper, and canvas. I aided in planning and executing the photos, but focused my efforts on editing and sound.


This project came along with a poster for a client, Trang. Made in After Effects, this was my first creation in this program.


While teaching at the Algoma Art Gallery I lead a week course on Animation. The morning class consisted of students ages 3 – 10. While the afternoon was students ages 10 – 15. Over the week we did small projects to help them understand the concept of animation. In groups of two they created a set design and characters to animate. I sat with each group and together we photographed and staged each animation. I got them to tell me what music and sound effects they wanted, and some even recorded their own sound effects.

I edited them all together and placed them in these videos for the end of week art show. Going this one steep above and beyond made the kids and parents so happy as they can keep this memory moving forward.