Project Description

Case Study

Women In Design


OCT – NOV 2019

Case Study

Women In Design


The hypothetical client was the Ladies, Wine and Design, and the Tate Modern. I designed a visual Identity, poster and leaflet.


The client needed a visual identity that spoke to the lack of women represented in the design industry.

Leaflets, programs, and brochures, are almost always thrown in the trash when leaving events.

How might we make the attendees want to keep the events leaflet after the nights over?


Create a brand identity incorporating hand selected group of young artists


  • Branding
  • Research and development
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign


I spent a lot of time researching concepts and stories behind women in design. But while walking the streets of Leeds many posters were plastered on buildings on my walk to University of Leeds campus from my apartment. With time and weather conditions a poster had torn and faded away leaving the poster behind to be exposed again. Walking past every day I fought the urge to rip back the top layer to see what was underneath all along. This concept reflects the overarching feelings I was trying to evoke fitting the event and became the driving concept behind my design. The hot pink demands you attention underneath the clean white, screaming women have been here!

I developed many concepts using pen and paper as well as rough digital renderings to validate my design and work out the kinks. Guided by industry professional feedback, I was able to create a piece of work I was proud of.


I ended up with a keepsake leaflet, exposing 5 young females starting their career in the industry. As well as a poster that will urge people to tear through the layers and find our women in design.