I took over a lot of projects for Superior Heights. Being apart of these projects has given me so many opportunities to work with my peers and create something that our whole graduating class will love.

I stared by sketching out many logo ideas that I work effectively on a sweater that everyone of any gender would wear. I was inspired by classic school sweaters, with a bold coloured word and and bubble for the year.

The second sweater I wanted to use the steel hawk, but not by using the logo that every year before me had used. I challenged myself to do something different and make our current yearʼs grad wear different from the rest. I focused on the eyes of the hawk opposed to the whole body of the steel-hawk, as it was used on every previous years’ design. I love the use of roman numerals, and chose to incorporate it as it is bold statement.

After showing my sketches to our committee and some of my friends, they gave me positive criticism and were excited about the design potential.

From there, I created five of my top ideas in Illustrator. After many meetings and further discussion as to what the majority of the graduating class of 2017 wanted, we decided on these 2 sweaters and a pair of sweat pants, with SH17 up the back of the right calf.

These clothing items made the class feel united. They all shared the same sweater, similar to how they shared the past four years together. Giving them a physical item to wear, and visually see their alikeness, gave them a sense of community, as well an opportunity to celebrate the last four years, and what is next to come.

The logo above was designed for a wake-a-thon fundraiser. I had the idea of keeping the shirts white and providing markers for people to sign them. I understand that people will probably not choose to wear this shirt often in thier regular life, as it really wasn’t as big of a memorable moment or big event. But if they were to get it signed my thier peers they would keep it as a keepsake memory of the good time with good people.

I feel as if getting the signatures allowed people to socialize, mingle, and have a good time in the moment. As well as remember that night for a ling time and own a reminder if they forget.

This design is still being re-used and has been for the past 3 years.

My designs got on to many other objects like shot glasses, sun glasses, and reusable mugs.

I got the opportunity to design a t-shirt for the schools’ Relay for Life team. This again gave me the opportunity to focus on re-visioning the steal hawk logo and transforming it into angel wings, with the cancer ribbon to show our support, for this cause.

This was a section starter dedicated to the graduates. I collected babies photos of the graduating students and displayed in a pleasing formate with the names of each student on each. Being the last class of the 90s and being called”1999 babies” I took it literally and brought us back a few years to personalize the yearbook for the few graduates.

For this page of the year book I was in charge of conducting surveys of the cohort. This involved the creation of the survey, distribution, collection, and analysis. While this was happening, I constructed the layout of the page using shapes and filled them in with original photographs of the tallied winners of each dedicated “best known for” or “most likely too”.

Noticing our number of sales was not not high, I decided to make a poster series placed in the major corners and doors of the school. So, as your walking to class a giant poster informed students on whats happening with this years yearbook.

My poster series increased sales by 63%!

I was appointed by a mentor to create a program for the intermediate program graduation ceremony.

Ticket design for the biggest event of the year.

Through the year, I got the change to go outside and consult with different printing companies to produce all of these products. Given the responsibility to follow through with such actions, I gained industry knowledge in working with these professionals.

My main goal along this journey, was to give the senior class a year to remember. I gave them visual and physical products that will last with them forever. Along with my event planning and other contributions, the year was the best I could ask for, and I still get complements on the work I accomplished.

Looking at these designs now, I recognize many things that I would change, and could definitely improve with my current skill set. These projects got my foot in the door and let me get a little taste of what it is like to produce and create for people other than myself.