Dance grown to be my greatest love. Through dance I found life long friends and was taught the greatest life lessons. I carry my love for dance and the sense of community build around it and transform it into new environments.

I’ve been dancing since I was in diapers. My parents put me in classes at Sherry Walsh Acadamy of Dance Arts which later became Elite Dance force in Sault Ste Marie, On. There I developed my skills, won awards, and was given opportunities to perform in musicals and shows such as the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker. I attended many conventions like Jump and NRG as well as summer camps like Quinte Ballet School of Canada, and Interlochen School of the Arts.  

Eventually I got my Associates in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. I have had the pleasure of teaching classes like adult hip hop and tap, elementary school beginner dance gym classes, beginner ballet, competitive hip hop, as well as a few workshops. The most rewarding experience was the Dance Program in partnership with the Autism Foundation. Every Saturday for an hour I worked with kids ages 3-10 with different levels of autism. We moved and grooved throughout 2 months, teaching them basic hip hop moves, how to listen to the music, and how to get lost in that music and just dance! Working with these kids and parents alongside them was without a doubt a struggle, but not one person, parent or child left the studio floor without a smile on their faces. This experience taught me patience, determination, and allowed me to better understand children with special needs as well as managing parents.   

The last few years I have been focusing on my education while still dancing with the University of Waterloo Dance Company. Now that I have moved to Stratford to be closer to school, I wish to continue my dance career. I landed a part time job at ONSTAGE Dance Studio, and am loving every second of it.